The First Recipient of the Share Your Story Scholarship- Sherly Napeau

Congratulations to Sherly Napeau, the first recipient of the Share Your Story Scholarship!

Sherly just graduated from Brooke High School where she excelled as a student and an athlete and is heading to Northeastern University in the fall.

I had the pleasure of teaching Sherly in Video Production her freshman year at Brooke High. She was a great student and the experience of teaching her and her classmates is what led me to want to create this scholarship.

In my year of teaching at Brooke, I was really impacted by the students. While most of them were there to enjoy Video Production as a fun elective, there were some who embraced it as a creative outlet and found a passion for it as I had in high school.

I was afforded many opportunities over the years to help me pursue my passion and eventually start path8 Productions. I've been fortunate enough where these opportunities have put me in a position where I'm able to pay it forward. I hope this scholarship does a small part in allowing students from Brooke to do the same. These students have important stories and should be provided with every opportunity to share them.

Best of luck to Sherly at Northeastern and I look forward to next year when we can give out another scholarship to a worthy Brooke student!