The HOPE Initiative

The HOPE (Heroin – Opioid Prevention Effort) Initiative is a statewide program in Rhode Island that engages law enforcement personnel in a proactive outreach strategy to combat the opioid overdose epidemic. The HOPE Initiative partners substance use professionals and members of law enforcement with the mission of reaching out to those who are at risk of overdosing to encourage them to be assessed and treated.

Much like our projects with PAARI, the HOPE Initiative wanted to spread the word on their unique program in hopes for more buy-in from police departments across the state and the country. Their program has directly saved lives and by spreading their ideas and tactics, hopefully, their impact can grow even further.

We worked with them to create this 90-second overview as well as an in-depth 10-minute look into the program. Working with organizations like the HOPE Initiative provide an opportunity, not just to make an impactful video, but by spreading their message, we hope to do a small part in helping make a true impact down the line.