Tree Tech Recruiting Videos

This job takes us to a lot of exciting places and allows us to capture some really cool footage on film. This shoot with Tree Tech ranks right up there with anything we've done.

Tree Tech is a full-service tree company out of Foxborough, MA. They were looking to create video content to help with recruiting.

We arrived at their headquarters to film and interview their employees and then followed their crews to 3 different job sites. We used a drone to capture some spectacular aerial shots and spent the day with Tree Tech as they did what they do best.

As you can see, the scope of their industry gave us a ton of awesome footage to work with.

We set out to create a series of recruiting videos that actually show potential applicants what it's like working for the company.

We created a general recruiting video, a day in the life video, and a career advancement video which you can check out below.

Tree Tech wanted to set themselves apart from other tree companies by focusing on their ability to provide employees with a full career in the industry. We interviewed some of their longer-tenured employees and let them tell their stories about how they started with the company and worked their way up to where they are today.

The day in the life video was a cool, inside look at a day on the job at Tree Tech. This style of recruiting video is a creative way to showcase your company to potential applicants and one you don't see on many career pages.

We included 30-second versions of the videos to give Tree Tech a full arsenal of recruiting videos for any platform.

Attracting the right candidates is crucial for any company. Adding video to the career page on your website will help set your company apart and give potential applicants all the information they need about the job.