I Have a Question For- Kellan Reck: Instagram Algorithms

On today's #IHAQ, we asked Kellan Reck about Instagram's Algorithm and the best ways to create video content on Instagram that gets views.

Instagram is all about followers, the more followers you have, the more eyeballs on your content. Luckily, using video on the platform is a great way to grow your following. The quicker your post gets engagement (likes and comments) the more likely it is to be seen by more people and not get lost in the shuffle. So posting at the right times goes a long way.

A common theme for getting interactions across all platforms is creating timely, relatable content and it's no different for Instagram. A good tip is to see what is trending and create content your followers can relate to that ties back to your services/product.

It's all about growing your following, posting when most of your followers are able to watch and keeping them engaged with timely video content.