IHAQ- Stacey Batista: What Marketing Avenues do you use?

On today's #IHAQ, we welcomed back healthcare advocate Stacey Batista to talk about the marketing avenues she uses to reach potential clients.

Stacey begins with a tried and true marketing tactic, networking. She connects with other professionals who work directly with her target audience.

Networking is the number one referral source for most small businesses. Every client that you work with has the potential to bring you more business down the line, assuming they have a positive experience.

Stacey's clients do trend older in age, but those who are computer savvy can google healthcare advocates in their area to find her services.

Make sure your Google My Business profile is accurate, updated frequently, and your location is listed. Even if your website doesn't rank for your industry search terms, you can still generate leads on google searches in your area with an up-to-date profile.

Make your networking pay off by having clients leave reviews on google. Every new review helps strengthen your business profile and helps you move up the ranks in google's local SEO algorithm.