Why the name path8 Productions?


I started my production company as a side gig while working a full time marketing job in 2009. I was more worried with type of work I’d be able to find and what equipment to buy then I was about the name of the company, so Pat Henderson Productions was an easy placeholder.

Almost a decade later a lot has changed and I felt it was time for the name to change as well. Now my full time job, PHP was more than just myself. I have a great team of people that work with me on every project and I wanted the name to portray that, so we set out to come up with a new name.

It was difficult! Coming up with something that is easy to say and spell, would look cool in a logo and has a readily available .com address was not easy. We threw around everything from made up words, to ways to say coffee or the number 8 (2 of my favorite things), and even joked about “Hot for November” since it was a warm November night.

At the end of all the brainstorming, I kept going back and thinking it needed to be more personal to work. Luckily for me, my name and last name initial, Pat H spells a word! A word that works well in the line of story telling and has worked well for my wedding company, path wedding films. I felt it needed more than simply “Path Productions” (plus that URL was taken) and as I mentioned before 8 is my favorite number. When I googled path8 no production companies came up, but Life Path 8 did.

I had no idea life paths were a thing, but as I read I identified with a lot of the generalities about people who are “life path 8”, especially:

A person with the number 8 in their chart will work diligently to achieve their goals. This person would make a good business manager and leader. They thrive on hard work, and more than any other Life Path number are prone to becoming a workaholic. Think big and go for it. The 8 is the number of manifestation. What you focus on with clear intent, integrity, and effort can magically manifest with amazing power.

So with the new name locked in, we’re ready to go. It’s the same company, the same people, but with a fresh face, ready to take on whatever comes!